Frequently Asked Questions


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What is a wedding show?

The checklist is long.  A wedding show provides engaged couples a convenient way to knock it out – meet wedding professionals in person, evaluate and compare products and options, sample delectable wedding cakes, admire stunning flower arrangements, and explore the latest trends in bridal fashion. In an afternoon, have fun with the list.  The pros will help you move the process forward to your special day.

Additionally, the event offers exclusive discounts and deals on a broad range of services, from photography to invitations, enabling couples to save a significant amount of money. Whether you have just embarked on your wedding planning journey or are finalizing the last-minute details, the show provides all the necessary resources to make your dream wedding a reality.

I already found lots of things online, so why should I attend?

Unlike wedding websites, a wedding show allows you to experience things firsthand by tasting, touching, and seeing them up close. This opportunity is crucial since you’ll be entrusting a lot of professionals on your big day. The show offers a convenient way to meet and evaluate them before making a commitment. Meet the pros.  Asking them questions and interacting with them face to face will give you everything you need to make a great decision.

Plus, the show is packed with exciting activities and exhibits, making it a fun-filled event for you and your entire wedding squad to enjoy.

Can I bring my wedding party, family, and friends?

You are welcome to bring anyone you wish, including your fiance, to join in the excitement and celebration. Wedding shopping is a delightful experience that everyone enjoys!

What should I bring?

For the best show experience, we recommend that you plan ahead. Start by creating a priority list of the things you still need and research the exhibitor list ahead of time, taking note of those you wish to visit. This will help you stay focused and avoid missing out on anything important. Color swatches and fabric samples for reference can be helpful.

Many exhibitors will be conducting prize drawings, and carrying address labels with your name, contact information, and wedding date can save you time.

Wear comfortable shoes, arrive early, and take it all in. 

Will I be able to get some great deals?

Many of the exhibitors at the show will be offering discounts and special offers that are available only at the show. While there’s no pressure to buy on the spot, you might find a deal that is too good to pass up.

What questions should we be asking the exhibitors?

Attending a show can streamline your decision-making process by allowing you to explore many different options in a single day. To make your experience a productive one, come prepared with a list of questions that will aid your decision-making process. Start by inquiring about the vendor’s availability on your wedding date. If they’re already booked, you can move on without wasting your time.

Does it make sense to order tickets in advance?

Most of our attendees order their tickets in advance from our website. While your chances are good that tickets will be available on the day of the show, you’ll save time by arriving with your tickets in hand (or on your phone!)

How long should I plan on staying?

If you’re just getting started with your wedding planning, you might want to spend the entire day. Plan to arrive early so you’re first in line when the doors open.

If you’re only wrapping up the remaining details, you might need only an hour or two at the show.  If that’s you, consider skipping the first hour to avoid the early rush.

What about parking?

Every venue has a different parking situation. Some of our show venues have free parking while others charge a fee. Check the individual show pages for parking costs and details. Start HERE to find our list of shows.

Watch These Videos and Get the Most Out of the Show

These videos are provided to help you prepare for the show and the video footage comes from various shows from around the country. Every show is different, and the show features you see in these videos won’t necessarily be found at every show.  Check the specific show listings to learn more about the show you plan to attend.