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Your wedding ceremony is about celebrating your favorite story—your love story! Not every couple wants their wedding to tell a story, but I'm the ceremony planner for those who do. I help you select music and readings that resonate with you, and I weave them together with details of your relationship to craft a ceremony script that's unmistakably *you*. I specialize in making your guests laugh *and* cry, and I have a knack for writing about life and love in a way that feels true to your beliefs (without alerting your grandparents to the fact that you might not be religious any more—if that's what you want). I have a method for making it so easy to write your own jaw-dropping, tear-jerking vows that you won't even want to wait until the night before the wedding. I also design original "unity rituals" that reflect your unique personalities, and I write words for your wedding website that set the right tone for your special day before it even begins. I *love* love stories, and I want to help you make your wedding day into a story you'll tell for the rest of your lives.

I'm based in Baltimore, but I work with clients virtually around the world! Every ceremony is different, and so is every wedding planning process. I meet clients where they're at and customize my process to work for them, on their timeline. I believe that couples should get to be married on their terms, and by *any* officiant they want—even if that person isn't ordained. I'm ordained myself—which means that I became an officiant as a byproduct of going to school to become a pastor. I founded Something New Ceremonies in 2021 and left my church job because I'm obsessed with weddings officiated by a loved one who got ordained online. It's the absolute best way to add a personal touch to your ceremony, plus it's amazing to look back on ceremony photos where another person you care about is at the altar with you. I'm passionate about supporting couples and their first-time officiants to plan every detail of an unforgettable ceremony—and make sure that you're definitely *officially married* by the end of it!

P.S. I'm also obsessed with the Enneagram, and if you do too I can teach you how to use the insights of the Enneagram to create a wedding day that's *exactly* what you want it to be!

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